Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Wedding

The Happy Couple
 11 August 2011 was a very special day … not only was it Geoff’s birthday but Neil and Emma‘s wedding day.

When we left Australia after our month’s holiday back in 2009 I remember saying to Emma (only half joking!) “we’ll come back for your wedding!”  Well we did - we had the privilege of being here to join in the celebrations and what a fantastic day we had.
Emma and Neil
Neil (Geoff and Janelle’s son) and Emma got married at Cedar Creek Lodges/Thunderbird Park, Mount Tambourine - a beautiful setting/venue for the perfect day.  The wedding ceremony took place in the open-air with the sound of a running creek in the background and the sun shining through the trees.  Emma wore a beautiful dress, designed by herself and made by a friend, her bouquet was from Hawaii and she looked absolutely stunning!    Neil looked pretty handsome too!
Emma's bouquet
Neil and Emma had put so much work into the day - their own personal touches made the whole day so special.  From the decorations at the ceremony venue to individual pots of grass with embroidered names as place settings, tiny carved trees in lanterns as table centres, a tiny box with ’conversation starters’ on each table and a photo booth at the reception with a box of dressing up items for people to be imaginative with!  The idea being that people had their pics done, kept a copy for themselves but put the second copy in the guest book with a personal message to Neil and Emma …. what an original idea!  They also made up jars of choc chip cookie mixes for every guest - which I’ve already made and we’ve enjoyed eating!!  
The First Dance
Wonderful food and dancing in the evening.  
A perfect day - and we wish Neil and Emma a very happy marriage.  
Family Shot

Janelle, Emma, Neil and Geoff

It was great to share the day with other cousins too - Phil and Kayleen and Win came down from Cairns and John and Judy had flown over from Perth so was good to catch up with them again.

We had booked into one of the lodges for the night - and as a special treat we had one with a spa bath …. oh how I’ve missed my baths! So after all the festivities I decided to have a luxurious bath - except it took forever to fill the big corner bath and when I was finally able to turn the spas on, they spurted water all over the place!  The jets were pointing upwards and I’d not quite got enough water in - I’ve never seen Geoff move so fast since the blue tongued lizard episode two years ago!

A lovely breakfast the following morning shared with friends and family then a trip around the local crafty shops (where I bought yet more penguins!) and the beautiful scenery on the drive home just finished the whole couple of days off beautifully.  
View from Mount Tambourine

Thank you Neil and Emma for an amazing time and including us in your very special day! 

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  1. Sounds wonderful Ruth :-) August 11th is an excellent day to get married...I highly recommend it ;-)
    I hope the Lord blesses them with a long and happy life togther.