Saturday, 21 August 2010


Several months in the planning - but it's almost time for us to set off on our 'year out' (11 more sleeps to be precise!)... well, students finish college or uni and take a year out so why can't a couple of oldies like us take a year out too!  Anyway ... it was my last day at work yesterday ... Nightstop have very kindly allowed me to take a year's unpaid leave.  Tim and Jane had decorated the office - when I arrived at work there were pictures of me taken at various Nightstop events, socials etc over the past 9 years everywhere, with flags and banners.  Volunteers popped in throughout the day to say goodbye then we all went to the Plimsole Line for tea and a drink or two.  It was a fantastic day - and I'm so happy with the gifts they'd bought - thank you to all!  The road map of Australia is going to be VERY useful - as is the book about the dangerous Australian creepy crawlies! And I'll enjoy spending the AU dollars too!  Thank you so much!  
This coming week's going to be busy; packing up the house, sorting out stuff to keep and not to keep, packing bags etc - and saying our goodbyes - so many meals out to fit into the next 11 days!  

I know we're going to have the most amazing time - but I also know I'm going to miss my family, friends, work etc too .... and of course - Marley - my dog.  But with modern technology I hope to be able to keep in touch with people on a regular basis.